Data Analytics and Reporting Toolkit - DART™

DART™ is an internally developed reporting platform that tracks metrics in all key domains giving a clear view of program performance and how value is created for the hospital and community.

In addition, metrics can be tracked by payor, financial class, provider and/or group. These reports are accessible daily, monthly, quarterly and annually to allow for detailed data mining and to drive actionable insights

ED Performance

DART™ monitors all key elements
of ED performance:

Based on peak patient flow times (by hour and by day), we make real-time staffing decisions to improve all key performance measures.

ED Performance

Hospital Performance

Group Performance
Group Performance

DART™ reports on Medicare Outliers – those patients whose LOS are well beyond the GMLOS. This data can be reported monthly, annually and/or by provider.

Group Performance 2

Provider Report Card

The Provider Report Card measures the same Group measures but down to the provider level.


DART™ is customizable so we can report any metric or performance target our partners want tracked.

Report Card